Tips for Reducing Plumbing Issues Within Your Home

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Tips For Reducing Plumbing Issues Within Your Home

Plumbing issues are a drag. Whether it is realising your shower water is not draining away or that your toilet will not flush, fixing plumbing issues requires the help of a plumber. However, there are some ways that homeowners can reduce the chance of plumbing dramas by changing their habits, and that is what you can find here. Removing hair buildup, correctly using your waste disposal and identifying potential tree root issues are all subjects every homeowner should know. The more plumbing maintenance you do, the less likely you are to encounter issues in your pipes and that is much nicer than dealing with overflowing water.



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Burst Pipe? No Problem

The bursting of drainage pipes is not a problem that should make you panic. This is because fixing the problem is as easy as getting on the phone and calling your preferred plumbing service company.

If one of the pipes on your drainage system gives in to pressure and bursts, here are a few things you should have in mind as you make plans for the necessary repairs.

The Cause of the Problem

The first thing you should ask your plumbing service company is what exactly caused the pipe to burst in the first place. Having this information is vital because it will help to ensure that you address the problem in full so as to prevent a similar occurrence in the near future.

In a large number of cases, drainage pipes end up bursting for two reasons. The first of these is the freezing of water inside the pipes, and the second is the action of invasive tree roots that could grow into the structure of the pipes through any small opening.

In the event that freezing is the reason that made your pipes burst, it is recommended that you have the pipes insulated as part of the repair exercise. An extra layer of insulation will work to prevent temperatures within and around your drainage pipes from falling to freezing point.

If invasive tree roots are the reason for your pipes bursting, then getting rid of the problematic tree is necessary once the pipe has been repaired.

Solutions to the Problem

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to get your pipes back to normal functioning is to patch up the area of the pipe that has suffered damage courtesy of the burst. This can be a viable solution in an emergency situation.

Depending on the extent of pipe damage, however, patching up the pipes might not be an alternative. Should this be the case, the damaged section of the pipe(s) will have to be cut out and a new piece of galvanized pipe installed and connected to the rest of the pipework.

In a large number of cases, patching up damaged pipes is considered a temporary fix, and installing new piping is often regarded as the permanent solution to the problem.

Additional Information

As you undertake to repair a burst pipe, remember to ask the plumber to inspect the rest of your drainage pipework just in case there are other problems developing on pipes that are yet to burst. There should be no additional charges for this.